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1. Series of stainless steel handrails.
  • S/S pipes handrails
  • S/S pipes with tempered glass
  • S/S pipes with S/S wire ropes
  • S/S pipes with marble decorations
  • S/S pipes with wooden top balastrades
  • 2. S/S cladding of columns.
    3. S/S decorations.
    4. S/S series of S/S sculptures.
    5. Series of S/S doors.
    6. Series of S/S flag masts.
    7. Series of S/S lamp posts.
    8. Series of luxurious,classic& fashionable steel doors.
    9. S/S products and decorations made and fixed to the requirements of customers.

    Our Projects

    Al Fardan Tower

    Stainless Steel cladding for door

    Al Mana

    Stainless steel handrail

    Al-Mana Villa

    Stainless steel works

    Commercial Plaza

    Stainless Steel Works

    Jarii Book Store

    Stainless steel handrail

    National Health Authority

    Stainless Steel Works

    Tebah Petrol Station

    Stainless Steel Handrail with Glass

    Two Villas

    Stainless Steel Works

    UBL Bank

    Stainless steel works

    Wowood Petrole Station

    Stainless Steel Cladding For Pump